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Pre-Order Abdominal hysterectomy surgical instruments set

We manufacture an abdominal hysterectomy surgical instruments specially using in operating ward / room or private clinics. All surgical instruments regarding abdominal hysterectomy are German, Japanese and local stainless steel depends on instrument nature and functionality. Gulmaher would like to explain about our hysterectomy surgical instruments using in this procedure. A partial hysterectomy only removes uterus while in complete uterus and cervix both removes and in future any woman cannot be pregnant.

                 Specialty about abdominal hysterectomy surgical instruments.

Material: German, Japaneses and Stainless Steel, (depend on instrument functionality) 

Finish= Satin (depend instrument nature)

Packaging= Leather Kit(Hand carry).

Note= Due to instrument updates and pattern changes equal substitutions may be necessary. Any changes to the set or your order will be communicated as occurred.

Mayo Diss Sciss Str 6 ¾2Richardson-eastman Retr Set/21
Mayo Diss Sciss Cvd 5 1/2"1Deaver Skl Grip Hdl #0 1" X10"1
Mayo Diss Sciss Cvd 6 3/4"2Deaver Skl Grip Hdl #1 1" X12"1
Halsted Mosq Fcp Cvd 5"12Deaver Skl Grip Hdl #2 1"x 13"1
Kelly Fcp Str 5 1/2"6Deaver Skl Gr Hdl #3 1-1/2 X121
Kelly Fcp Cvd 5 1/2"18Deaver Skl Gr Hdl #4 2 X 121
Roch-pean Fcp Cvd 6 1/4"18Deaver Skl Gr Hdl #5 3 X 121
Roch-pean Fcp Cvd 7 1/4"6Zalkind Ribbon Retr 1 1/2x13"2
Roch-osch Fcps Str 1x2 6 1/4"12Volkman Retr Usa Shrp 6pr 81/22
Serrated Dressing Fcps 5 1/2"2Volkman Retr Usa Shrp 3pr 81/32
Serrated Dressing Fcps 8"1Balfour Abdom Retr Fenstr Bl7"1
Tissue Fcp 1x2 5 1/2"2Metzenbaum Scissors Cvd 71
Tissue Fcp 1x2 8"1Backhaus Towel Clamp 5 1/4"12
Crile Murray Nh Serr 6" Tcsg2Foerster Sponge Serr Str 91/2"8
Mayo Hegar Nh 7" Tcsg2Deaver #5 3x122
Mayo Hegar Nh 8" Tcsg2Tissue Fcp 1x2 8"1
Metz Lahey Del Crv Sciss 5 ¾1Allis Tiss Fcp 5x6 7 1/2"6
Sut Wire Cut Scis Ser Ang 43/41Tissue Fcp 1x2 12"1
Dir&tongue Tie (probe) 6"1Roch-pean Fcp Cvd 6 1/4"6
Ochsner Tr 20fr F 16fr Cath1Roch Ochsner Fcp Str 1x2 7 ¼6
Poole Suct Tb Slip On Str 30fr1Schroeder (braun) Ten Fcp 91/22
Babcock Forceps 5.5"4Schroeder Vulsllm Fcp Str 9.5"2
Babcock Forcep 8"4Heaney Single Tooth Hvy 8 1/4"4
Allis Tiss Fcp 3x4 6"12Mayo Diss Sciss Cvd 9"1
Allis Tiss Fcp 5x6 7 1/2"4Kelly-adson Sciss Cvd Sm 6 ¼1
Us Army Retr Set/2 D/e 8 1/4"1HYSTEREC CLMP ATRAU STR 9 1/2"1
Parker De Retr 5/8x5 Set/21HYSTEREC CLMP ATRAU SL CV 91/21
Kelly Retractor 9.5" 2"x2.5"2HYSTEREC CLMP ATRAU 3/4 CRV1
Richardson W/sklrgrp Hndl Med2Scalpel Handle number 31
  Scalpel Handle number 4



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Abdominal hysterectomy surgical instruments set

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