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New Pre-Order Dissection Kit for Students

Dissection Kit for Students includes basic surgical instruments for lab experiments. This kit contains Instruments with great quality, single use may also get. Mention in the option what quality you are looking for. Here is the detail of Kit.

Material: Stainless Steel,

Finish: Satin / Mirror

Packing: Leather Kit as shown in the Kit.

Kit Contains:

•    1 Scalpel Handle #3

•    1 Scalpel Handle #4

•    1 Dressing Forceps, 16 cm

•    1 Mayo Hager Needle Holder, 16 cm

•    1 Teaser Needle, Angled

•    1 Teaser Needle, Straight

•    1 Hooks with Chain

•    1 Tissue Forceps, 1:2, 16 cm 

•    1 Dissecting Scissors, 16 cm, Sharp/Blunt

•    1 Kelly Forceps, 14 cm, Straight

•    1 Dropper

•    1 Stainless Steel Ruler, 6"

•    1 Grooved Director, Plain

•    1 Adson Tissue Forceps, 12 cm

•    4 Blades for Scalpel Handle #4

•    4 Blades for Scalpel Handle #3

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Dissection Kit for Students

  • Product Code: FDK-001
  • Availability: Pre-Order
  • $20.00
  • 100 or more $15.00
This product has a minimum quantity of 50

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