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Liposuction Instruments

Liposuction Instruments
We are manufacturing fat transfer liposuction instruments, Liposuction cannula and accessories (syringe tip caps, syringe stand, vacuum syringe lock or syringe plunger lock) of all liposuction tools in Era and export them worldwide. Liposuction is one of the unique procedure to transfer fat with the help of injector needles, single-use syringes, Toomey syringe 60cc, tumescent cannula syringe and Triport cannula from one part of the body to another. In this procedure liposuction instruments or blunt tip cannula being used to get the précised result with different brand of cannula like Byron liposuction cannulas, Tulip liposuction, Byron medical liposuction cannula, mentor liposuction cannulas and Byron liposuction instruments. Fat transfer cannulas are very successful due to their narrow diameters and flexible working mechanism; surgeons do not need to make multiple and significant cuts into the body, they just make a small hole as they required and continued fat transfer and fat grafting procedure. This procedure contains some sub-specialities like breast reduction surgery or breast augmentation, abdominoplasty surgery, buttock and thigh augmentation, etc. We have a very vast range of fat transfer cannula also available in sets and individually. Our liposuction cannula and all its accessories fitting are based on BD(Becton Dickinson) company. Some main suction cannulas are Tulip harvesting cannula, infiltration cannula, Coleman cannula, Bayron liposuction cannulas, Mercedes cannula, tissue harvesting cannula and more and more.
                                                           Additional Information 
Material:                    German, Japanese, and Local steel depends upon the nature of instrument.
Finish:                         Satin for common use instruments also customer demand would also be prefer.
Packaging:                  Plain polythene bags, Leather kits and boxes depend on instrument nature with safety caps.
                                      In this range of tools, some sub-category’s accessories are like liposuction cannula set, injection gun, cannula holding rack/stand, microcannula, syringe lock, caps and all liposuction tools, etc. We provide three years guarantee for our all liposuction cannula products and its accessories for their intended use only. See instructions for intentional use of instruments if we found instruments or tool not used for its deliberate purpose we are not liable to repair or refund.

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Adaptors luer lock syringes Liposuction transfer

Adaptors luer lock syringes, stopcocks, Liposuction, transfer, CONNECTION, IRRIGATION, Material: stanless steel.for threaded handle Finish: ..


Becker Basket cannula for Fat Transfer.

Becker Basket Cannula is a flexible liposculpting instrument. It can work as an equalizer without vacuum to treat fat tissue and skin anomalies in upd..


Blunt Tip Micro Cannula Wtih Luer-Lock Hub. -33%

Blunt Tip Micro Cannula Wtih Luer-Lock Hub.

Micro cannula single port - Liposuction filler injections and Blunt tip needles. A blunt tip cannula is a container of stainless steel material that c..

$15.00 $10.00

Breast Cannula Kit|Fat transfer / removing surgery|

Kit is designed for fat transfer to breast in a sterile and disposable manner. Ideal cannula kit for fat transfer, removing, reduction and enlargement..


Carraway Fat Harvester Cannula with three diagonal holes.

Carraway Harvester Cannula is designed in different style like three holes or ports manufactured diagonally . This style is unique from others, also u..


Cobra bibevel Liposuction cannula . Pre-Order

Cobra bibevel Liposuction cannula .

Liposuction cannula cobra bibevel shapeMaterial: stainless steel.Packing : Plain Plastic tube with caps..


Coleman Infiltration Cannula, Luer lock Hub

All Liposuction Coleman Cannula and instruments are mainly intended to treat fat cells with careful attention for fruitful corrective, reconstructive ..


Facial Liposuction cannula set with Luer Lock. -20%

Facial Liposuction cannula set with Luer Lock.

Facial Liposuction cannula, Micro lipofiller, Set for face, Neck and chin, lipoplasty surgeryConsisting of:1-Tumescent Infiltrator SuperLuerLo..

$225.00 $180.00

Fat harvesting,removing and fat transfer cannula kit. Pre-Order

Fat harvesting,removing and fat transfer cannula kit.

Fat harvesting,removing and fat transfer cannula kit. also used for Buttock augmentation, and Brazilian but lift surgery. Kit include huge variety of ..


Fat transfer adapter for Luer to Luer lock.

Fat transfer adapter for Luer to Luer lock plastic syringe.Material:  Stainless steel and AluminiumColor: Blue ( customer demand would be pr..


Fat Transfer Injection Gun 10cc only

Fat transfer injection gun 10CC onlyMaterial: aluminiumPacking : Plastic Box..


Fat Transfer Tissue Injection Gun, 10-20CC Interchangeable. -32%

Fat Transfer Tissue Injection Gun, 10-20CC Interchangeable.

Fat Injection, Transfer gun, available with 10CC & 20CC BD fittings Syringe along with each extra tip to increase the life of gun. Tips can be dem..

$220.00 $150.00

Female Luer Lock Needle Connector for Tubing

Female Luer Lock Needle Connector for Tubing size 4mm to 7mm . One end connected with Female luer lock attachment and other end designed with 4mm to 7..


GILLILAND Etching Liposuction Cannula.

GILLILAND Etching Liposuction Cannula is a Four Port cannula. All four Ports designed in the linear mechanism. Bayron liposuction cannula or Gilliland..


Infiltration Bayonet Shaped Cannula.

Infiltration bayonet cannula curved, uniquely bayonet shaped injectors give the surgeons perfect control of the injection plane. Facilitate ..