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Rhinoplasty nose surgery instruments set

Purchase Rhinoplasty instruments with a wide range and remarkable quality. Tools utilized by the specialist in rhinoplasty are specific and firmly intended for nose reshaping-nasal surgery. Rhinoplasty instruments set covering every single fundamental apparatus required for nose surgery. Gulmaher gives exceptionally aggressive costs when contrasted with different providers. See the list of instruments.

      Description Units
Backhaus Towel Forceps    11 cm     5
Dressing Forceps    10.5 cm    Narrow   1
Adson Dressing Forceps    12 cm    Straight   1
Jansen Ear- And Nose Dressing Forceps    16 cm    Bayonet   1
Graefe Iris Forceps 1X2 T.    10 cm    Straight   1
Elschnig Fixation Forceps 3X4 T.    11 cm    Straight   1
Adson Forceps Ultra™Grip    12 cm    Straight   1
Joseph Dissecting Scissors    14 cm    Curved   1
Heymann Nasal Scissors    18 cm    Angled   1
Wilmer Eye Scissors    10 cm    Angled   1
Cuticle Scissors    10 cm    Curved   1
Standard Scissors Ultra™Cut Sh/Bl    14.5 cm    Curved   1
Scalpel Handle      No.7K   1
Dieffenbach Abscess Knife    13 cm    Curved   1
Senning Needle Holder Swedish Model Ultra™Grip    17 cm    Straight   1
Halsey Needle Holder Ultra™Grip    13 cm    Straight   1
 Farrell Cotton Applicator    14 cm / 0.9 mm    Round   1
 Fergusson Suction Tube    9 chr     1
 Sebileau Elevator    17.5 cm / 5 mm     1
 Bruenings Tongue Depressor    19 cm     1
 Hartmann Nasal Speculum    15 cm     1
 Killian Nasal Speculum    13 mm / 75 mm     1
 Cottle Nasal Speculum    15 cm / 50 mm    Without Fixing Screw   1
 Lubet-Barbon Nasal Polypus Forceps    20 cm     1
 Weil-Blakesley Nasal Cutting Forceps    12.5 cm     1
 Weil-Blakesley Nasal Cutting Forceps    12.5 cm     1
 Weil-Blakesley Nasal Cutting Forceps    12.5 cm    Curved Upwards   1
 Takahashi Nasal Cutting Forceps    12.5 cm / 4 mm / 10 mm    Straight   1
 Cottle Knife    15 cm     1
 Mc Kenty Septum Elevator    5 mm     1
 Cottle Septum Elevator Doubleended    23 cm     1
 Masing Septum Elevator Doubleended    21 cm     1
 Cottle Nasal Rasp    21 cm     1
 Joseph Mucous Hook    15 cm    Upwards   1
 Joseph Mucous Hook 2-Prongs    16 cm / 5 mm     1
 Cottle Retractor    15 cm     1
 Aufricht(Walter) Retractor    13.5 cm     1
 Cottle Osteotome    18 cm / 4 mm     1
 Cottle Osteotome    18 cm / 7 mm     1
 Walter Chisel    19 cm / 4.5 mm     1
 Cottle Mallet, 240G    19 cm / 30 mm     1
 Mixing Bowl    50 mm / 116 mm    0.35 L   1

Total................................................................................................46 pieces

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Rhinoplasty nose surgery instruments set

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